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Choosing the Right Residential Vinyl Floor Tiles for Your Home

Although it’s often left until last where a home design project is concerned; there’s no denying that the flooring that you choose can play a major role in the overall feel and functionality of your property. And for anyone hoping to maximise the modern aesthetic within their home, residential vinyl floor tiles could well be the way to go, what with their natural resilience, their appealing affordability and their wide range of looks and styles.

What makes vinyl flooring so good for home use?

For a start, vinyl is by far one of the most multi-functional materials available. Being made from plastic and resin, the structural integrity afforded by this type of flooring provides a sturdy foundation capable of deterring high heel damage, stains and impacts; whilst being easy to cut and fit in the process.

Consider vinyl flooring for a moment.

Vinyl as a material is often used in decals for cars – especially where branding is concerned. And these decals are typically applied on the exterior of a vehicle. This might not mean much at first, but the reality is that the material is only suitable due to its resilient, durable nature. If it can tolerate the suns’ rays, the rain and other weather conditions; it should certainly be up to the task when used as flooring inside of a home.

Vinyl vs Other Decals for Floor Tiles

And unlike decals, the options available to home owners don’t rely on lengthy rolls that need to be cut to size; instead, a manufacturer will accurately measure and cut their vinyl flooring into tiles. These tiles are predominantly available in packs that clearly define how many metre squares they can cover; making it even simpler for a home owner to buy the amount needed and then take care of the installation themselves – potentially saving thousands when considering the price of a specialist.

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How To Install Your Vinyl Tile Flooring

Appealing Facts About Vinyl Tiles

In fact, this is one of the most appealing factors pertaining to these types of floor tiles. They can be handled by anyone with a measuring tape and a retracting knife (or scissors) – and as they are available in a host of styles, textures and colours; you won’t ever have to settle on an appearance that you aren’t entirely happy with.

How long can vinyl flooring last?

Another great fact about vinyl is how long it can last when compared to other materials. Consider wooden floors for a moment and you’ll undoubtedly understand that they will need polishing, varnishing and more at regular intervals to suit wear and tear. Vinyl on the other hand is quick and easy to clean, stain resistant, waterproof AND potentially most appealingly of all – can simply be replaced with minimal fuss should a particular tile be exposed to extreme damage.

As a result, they can make the ideal solution all around a home, but especially within kitchens and bathrooms – and if you opt for the non-slip variety, surrounding swimming pools as well.